CH Britlinblue's Walking On Sunshine                ( Porche)

CH Britlinblue's Walking On Sunshine ( Porche)

Dartmouth show --May 9/2015 Porche BOW both shows to finish her CKC championship! Sky SB  both shows.

Tantramar K ennel club -- May 16/17  Sky SB all 4 shows. Porche BOS for 3 shows
CH BRITLINBLUES ONE TIME ONLY ( Josie) On May 2,3 &4 at Hub City Kennel & Obedience Club Saskatoon, SK. Josie and Melissa took WB & BOW all 3 shows to finish and become a CKC Champion. A big congratulations on a job well done .A first time owner/handler!

CH BRITLINBLUES ONE TIME ONLY ( Josie) On May 2,3 &4 at Hub City Kennel & Obedience Club Saskatoon, SK. Josie and Melissa took WB & BOW all 3 shows to finish and become a CKC Champion. A big congratulations on a job well done .A first time owner/handler!

March 13- 15 2015 ---Halifax show -- Sky BOS for 2 GCH points   Porche WB for 1 point

March 28/29 - Cobequid show--- Sky SB on both days for 2 more GCH points

April 11/12 -- CFC show --  Sky obtained her CFCchampion title ----------  This is her 3rd championship.

                              ----- CKC CH /CFC CH , BIS JR CH Britlinblues Get Of Off My Cloud 

                             Porche -- Was BOB and a group 3. Well done Jill.

May 3 --Moncton-- Sky - SB for another 2 points toward her GCH title


 CKC CH /CFC CH , BIS JR CH Britlinblues Get Of Off My Cloud

CKC CH /CFC CH , BIS JR CH Britlinblues Get Of Off My Cloud

COBEQUID DOG CLUB OCT 11/2014 --Sky - SB for 2 Championship points. Leo WD- for his first point. Porcha, Leo sister was BOW- for 2 points.

                                     OCT 12/ 2014---- Tonka BOB, her son Leo WD,BOW,BPIB, and BOS!! He went on to capture Best puppy in Group!!

                                     Only 6 months old and his first weekend of showing! Porcha was WB. So it was a clean sweep for Britlinblue kennel 

Pictou County Kennel Club Sept 6/7 2014-- Show 1- Bobhi - BOB, Tonka -- BOS. Show 2--Tonka BOB.,Bodhi- BOS

                                     Show 3-- Tonka BOB and Group 3, Bodhi -- BOS  Show 4 -- Tonka BOB , Bodhi BOS


Britlinblues Walking On Sunshine ( Porche)

Britlinblues Walking On Sunshine ( Porche)

Sky's Champion pic

New Champion at 9 months old CAN/CKC Ch/CFC JR Ch Britlinblues Get Off Of My CLoud

(Sadie & Sailor)

New Champion at 9 months old CAN/CKC Ch/CFC JR Ch Britlinblues Get Off Of My CLoud

(Sadie & Sailor)

Feb 22 /2014

Feb 22 /2014

BRAG!! Britlinblues Get off of my cloud (SKY) ( Sadie & Sailor) 7 months old . Takes BEST PUPPY IN MATCH

BRAG!! Britlinblues Get off of my cloud (SKY) ( Sadie & Sailor) 7 months old . Takes BEST PUPPY IN MATCH

MAY 11 2014 Dartmouth Kennel Club  -- Sky takes back to back BOW and BPIG to complete her CKC championship at 9 months of age

                                                       -- Bodhi and Jill took 2 group 3's. Well done!

Jill and Bodhi took a group 4 at the Halifax show  Fed 8/ 2014. Bodhi was #5 Great Dane in Canada for 2013.

Well done !!



COBEQUID D.C -- Bodhi 2 Gr 3

                                   Tonka 2 BOS . Tonka is now a Grand Champion along with her brother Bodhi

                                     I am very proud of these two natural eared beauties!

Pictou  K. C. -----------  Bodhi BOB all 4 shows and

                                       Tonka 4 BOS

                                        Britlinblues Deamweaver--  WD all 4 shows

HALIFAX K.C Aug 31--Sept 2-- Tonka SB twice. Bodhi BOS twice

EVANGELINE kennel club, June  29/30  __________ Bodhi 3 BOS Tonka Show 3 a SB. Tonka was only there on Sun and they both

missed the last show because of my truck accident!

LUNENBURG June 1 ----------  Tonka BOB and a group,     Her brother Bodhi BOS

June 2nd                     -----------   Bodhi BOB and Tonka SB
                                                        Owner handled all the way!!


Amherst May 19--    Q is now a champion. Going BOW & BPIG !!


MONCTON    May 4 & 5--- Ch Britlinblues Out of the Blue ( Tonka)     BOB !!  Owner/ handled .

Bodhi was SD & BOS. Britlinblues Emotional Rescue was RWB both days.

CFC  Bible Hill April 27 & 28--- Bodhi became a CFC ELITE Champion, well done Jill!! Britlinblues Dream Weaver

was BJIS-- Well done Jeanne!!  Britlinblues A Touch Of Bristol Now. was BPIS--- Well done Allan!!

COBEQUID  DOG SHOW -- Sun March 24/ 2013*****       CKC/CFC Ch Britlinblues Dancing in the Dark

 (Bohdi-- Libby x Vinnie)   Went   BEST IN SHOW    

Expertly handled bby Jill Henderson his mum!!! I can't say enough about this pair!! THEY ROCK!!!

 This is quite an acomplishment for a natural eared Great Dane!

Britlinblues Emotionsal Rescue--( Q Sadie x Jack) Took WB & BPIB both days , with 4 shows under her belt,

She only needs 2 points to attain her CKC  championship!]

Halifax Kennel Club Feb 10 ______________ Britlinblues Emotional Rescue  ( Q ) at 8 months old  )( Sadie & Jack)

Took BOW & BOIB both shows for 4 points  So proud of my natural eared girl beating older cropped Danes ! 
  Bodhi was BOS both shows, congrats to Mike & Jill.   His sister Tonka was select bitch in the second show.

So Britlinblue Danes had a very exciting weekend !!


BOB & Group 4th

BOB & Group 4th




Best in show !!

      Bible Hill CFC show Oct 14 & 15-- Well it was an amazing weekend for the Britlinblue gang-

Tonka obtained her CFC title along with 2 BOB & a group 2 &3, one was given by a breeder judge from Brazil

the other by a judge from Belgium, this judge gave her a rating or DOUBLE Excellent!! WOW!!

Bodhi--- Obtained his CFC title & a BOB with a group 2. Well done Jill.

Jack obtained his Elite title with a BOB, BOS, & was runner up in group!! Well done Jeanne!!

Sadie & Jack pups 4 months old took Best elementary puppy in group all 4 shows ,
with my girl Q taking it both shows on Sat, she was not entered Sun.          
Cobequid dog club Oct 6 2012----- Jack goes WD & BOS to finish his CKC championship. He also

passed his temperament test with flying colours!!Handle by his mum Jeanne, well done!!

Jack****** CKC & CFC Ch BnCs A Touch Of Frost At Britlinblue CGN, TT

Pictou kennel club--Sept 8 & 9-- Bodhi WD for 2 points( twice )and to finish**New Champion**

          CKC/CFC Jr Ch Britlinblues Dancing in the Dark CGN    Handled all the way by his
          mom Jill Henderson .Well done Jill .Pic to follow.

Jack got WD for another 2 points and RWD twice,He needs 1 point to finish ,handled by myself
          A real  fun weekend!!

Halifax kennel club-- Sept 1-Bodhi WD for 2 points,he just needs 1 more point ti finish! Way to go Bodhi & Jill!!
          Jack was RWD all 3 days!! Handled by myself.

Lady Slipper Kennel Club PEI-  July  21& 22 -BnC's a touch of frost at Britlinblue( Jack) WD 3 shows out of 4 !! Handled  by his

          mom Jeanne.Also acquired his CGN certificate ,Well done!!

          Britlinblue's dancing in the dark (Bodhi) BOW in show 4 .Reserve WD  the other 3 shows.

          He also got his CGN certificate     Well done Jill & Bodhi

NEW CHAMPION --   Britlinblue's out of the blue (TONKA)

EVANGELINE KENNEL CLUB--JUNE 23/24-- Britlinblues Dancing in the Dark (Bodhi) Went BOB & group 3,for 3 points on Sat 

          Then on Sun was BOW for 2 more points. Handled by his mom Jill.Great job Jill,what a weekend for you!!!

TANTRAMAR Kennel club  ---- May 20/2012-------Tonka first show---------RWB-------Show 2 Tonka--WB over 

          cropped fawns, owner handled.So proud of my girl,just 1 more point to go!!

Dartmouth May 13 /2012---- Tonka is BOW,   Bodhi is WD, both owner/handled

Dartmouth may 12/2012--- Tonka is WB

 Bible Hill--April28 & 29 BnC's A TOUCH OF FROST AT BRITLINBLUE Became a CFC champion,handled

          by Jeanne Jenkins  Well done Jeanne & Jack! ! BRITLINBLUE'S DANCING IN THE DARK (Bodhi  , Libby x  Vinnie )

          obtained his Jr championship handled by his mum Jill Henderson,and a very good job she did,congratulations! 

Jill & Bodhi***New Champion***

New Champion! Tonka

CFC Jr Ch Britlinblues Dancing in the Dark

Moncton Nov 12.2011-Tonka BOW .BPIB.2 points.  Jack WD .BOS 1 point.   Brodie RWD  Owner  handled (Libby x Vinnie) both days.

Nov 13 2011--Tonka WB.BPIB          Jack BOW. BOS  2 points

No more shows till Feb 2012

Oct 27/ 2011  (PEI )Tonka ( Britlinblue's Out of The Blue,Libby x Vinnie)Made her debut at 6 months old .
She was BPIB & BOW both shows!! Lots of wonderful comments on her from both judges and
numerous other people!! Pics to follow.
Jack BnC's A Touch of Frost At Britlinblue went WD & BOS Both shows.

He & Cleo (Britlinblue;s Watch Closely Now (,Libby XSailor)

took Best brace in Group Both shows. pics to follow!!



CH Britlinblue's Watch Closely Now

New Ch Halo

June 25/ 2011 -Evangeline Kennel Club CKC/CFC CH Britlinblue's Satisfaction ( Sadie  Libby X Indy) back to back BOB & a group 4 !!

Owner/handled to all her victories ! I am very proud of my girl !!

May 8 2011 Cleo is now Ch Britlinblues Watch Closely now.Taking BOW at Moncton Kennel Club show to finish!! Owner /handled all the way!

May 1 2011 VERY exciting weekend fir Britlinblue Danes!!!  Sadie became an ELITE CFC Ch, with 2 BOB"S and 2 group 3"s,SO proud of my girl!!

Her sister Halo  is now CKC Ch Britlinblue"s Halo over Dazzleme in Thunder Bay Ontario,

April 16, 2011 - April 17, 2011 - Trenton, Nova Scotia
Pictou County Kennel Club          - Cleo WB both days for 2 more points! She just needs one more point

to finish her CKC championship!!

Cobequid dog show Mar 19 2011 Cleo WB & BOW for 2 points,Milan RWB, Jack WD

Mar 20  NEW CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!! Milan went WB & BOW to finish her CKC Championship!!!!!!!!Owner handled all the way !

Well done Allan!!           Cleo was RWB & Jack was WD & BOS

Feb 12/13 2011 Halifax Kennel club show=Sat-Milan WB &BOW for 2 points,She just needs 2 more to finish!!
Well done Allan! Jack WG &BPIB Cleo and I were absent ,but did make it on Sun! Cleo went WB&BOW for 2 points

Milan was RWB Jack was WD & BPIB.A great start to the year!

MONCTON Nov 13/14  London Fog of Britlinblue (milan) Was BOB both days!! Owner/handled,well done Allan and Milan!!!

Sister  Cleo ( Britlinblue's Watch Closely now was RWB .Both days!!!

BNC's A Touch of Frost at Britlinblue(Jack) was WD And BOS Sat & Sun. Well done Jeanne and Jack!!!

We take a break now as the next show is not till Feb 2011.

Windsor N.S.  Oct 16/17 2010     The wining continues!!! Sadie and Noble are CFC and CKC champions now!!!          

Sadie had 4 positively glowing critiques!!!          

 Noble aced 3 BOB  and 3 group placements. Two 2nd's and a 4th!!He really was a big hit with the Euro judges 

Ch Britlinblue's London Fog ( Milan)

CKC/CFC elite Ch Britlinblue's Satisfaction

CKC/CFC Ch Britlinblues Royal NobleTT

Milan) Britlinblue's London Fog

Noble & Cleo

Noble & Cleo

What a weekend for the Britlinblue Danes!!!Oct 9 cob dog club  Britlinblue's London Fog  (Milan) 8 months Took WB<BOS<BPIB for 2 points          .

Britlinblue's Watch Closely now  8 months (Cleo )RWB .Noble  WD 1 point.

Oct 10-Britlinblue's Royal Noble   16 months  took WB<BOW<BOB to gain his CKC championship!!  Judge Rui Oliveira 
Lisbon, Portugal 
  Nobel Also was excellent on his temperment test  the day before! Way To go!!!!

Cleo was WB<BOS< BPIG for 2 pionts!!! at just 8 months old!!Judge-Michael Gelinas    ,from Ontario.

 Sept  18 ,19  2010 -Britlinblue's  Halo over Dazzleme (HALO)  Took back to back group wins,4 and 2,in Thunder Bay  Ontario.Owner

handled     by Des Niivila, way to go!!! So proud of you both!!



Half sister  Britlinblues Watch closely now(Cleo)  got her first point at the TRENTON show  sept 12 WB. BOS.  Jack also got a point and BPIB!

Britlinblues Royal Noble  gained 4 points, including a BOB!! Just needs 3 points to finish! Way to go !
Britlinblues Halo over  Dazzeleme (Halo) Won Best of Breed ay Thunder Bay Kennel club show,on Feb 14 2910! Over mature Danes.          

She is only 8 months old.

Her brother Zeke went RWD on Feb 14 in Halifax, sister Sadie was RWB on the13 Feb.

Zeke got his first 2 points at  Club Canine du Bas-Saint-Laurent
Sunday, May 9, 2010

March 27/10      Cobequid Dog Club , Bible Hill   - Britlinblue's Satisfaction  ( Sadie) WB, BOS for 2 points  9 months of age.

Moncton  May 9/10 WB 1 point    Judge Paula  Hartinger

May  16  /10  Darthmouth  kennel club  May 16  WB and BPIB 2 shows and BPIG!!!  Judge was Donald Fitzsimmons. Sadie is now at 5 points

Avalon Kennel Club  Sunday, May 23, 2010  Loki  BOB, BPIB   1 point.
5/6/10    Zeke WD,BOW,& BOS   South shore Kennel club.  Sadie  WB

6/6/10   Sadie WB & BOW     South Shore Kennel club/   4 more points to go!!       Zeke  WD & BOS

19/6/10   PEI  -Sadie's big brother Noble went   BOW & BOB first time out foe 2 points!!! So proud of him! 

  Sadie beat out a special for BOS, 3 more points to go!!

Halo BOB at 8 months

Halo BOB at 8 months

Zeke @ Kathy

Zeke @ Kathy

March 2010  NL    Leslie and :Loki BPIB, both days.RWD on sunday./ First time out!!

Sadie WB, BOS 2 points

Sadie WB, BOS 2 points



 Sadie     -   Mocton  May 9 BPIB and WB for 1 point  Judge  Paula  Hartinger
26/6/10  Sadie goes BOW for 1 point at Evangeline Kennel Club 2 more poimts to go!''

Brother Noble went BOS!!

10/7/10  Noble WD/BOS  both shows!!

11/7/10 Noble WD/BOW.BOS!!  Show#2   Noble WD/BOS    Sadie WB/BOW She needs1 point to finish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  No more shows till sept.

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