Blue.purple and pink collar girls

7 weeks

6 weeks

5 weeks

4 weeks

3 weeks

2 weeks

Gaining weight fast!

Gaining weight fast!

One week old.

5 days old.

Puppies first day.

One week to go!

2 weeks to go!

Q is getting bigger!

Day 42. 3 weeks to go!

Day 42. 3 weeks to go!

Ch Britlinblue's Emotional rescue ( Q)

Ch Bluestone's Gunpowder & Lead ( Gunner)

Zen from the first Q & Gunner litter

CH Bluestone's Forbes

CH Kali's Blue Print V Mako

Bluestone Art of Zen


Alishi Vicson Twist Of Fate

Kali's Blue Jasmine

Bluestone Willowrun Song Of Joy


Willowrun's Vanessa

Victory's Magic In The Moonlight

Willowrun's Blue Bias

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